SMOKES Pre Rolls

Pick up one of our unique cannabis strains now in our single gram pre rolls available at Oregon cannabis dispensaries now!

SMOKES by the grow

Our award winning 10 pack of pre rolls located in finer Oregon cannabis dispensaries now!

The Grow Flower

We carefully select unique cannabis strains and grow them in both indoor and outdoor conditions all year long bringing you the best cannabis experience possible.


Located in the heart of Southern Oregon, The Grow is a family farm passionate about the positive impact and effects of both medical and recreational cannabis. We offer a diverse line of cannabis products, flower, pre rolls, and pre roll packs found in select Oregon Marijuana Dispensaries.

With the combined hard work of master growers, genetic scientists and our family, we have created innovative and exceptional versions of our own cannabis strains. Harvesting only our finest buds from our outdoor and indoor grows, we pride ourselves on delivering the best of the best.

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